Knowing China through Taiwan

  • Friday, April 18, 2014
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  • Ma Wen (馬馼)

    Ma Wen (馬馼)

    Ma Wen is the head of China's Ministry of Supervision and the director of the National Bureau of Corruption Prevention. Born: July 1948. Birthplace: Quqiao county, Hebei provinceProfession: PoliticianCountry of Citizenship: ChinaEducation: Bachelor's Degree in Chinese History, Nankai UniversityCareer: 2007- Minister of Supervision 2007- Director, National Bureau of Corruption Prevention 2007- ...

Who's Who

  • Wang Anshun (王安順)

    Wang Anshun (王安順)

    Wang Anshun is mayor of Beijing. A native of Hui county in Henan province, he was born in 1957 and joined the Communist Party in 1984.After holding ...